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Trustfactory makes the future of link building accessible to you. Increase your website traffic, grow your brand, make more sales with hand selected backlinks from Trustfactory’s exclusive directory. Futureproof your website with Europe’s No. 1 secure, transparent and effective holistic linkbuilding service.

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With your Trustfactory.bz account you get access to more than 2500 high-quality link places – some even virgin, others very exclusive.

With many site operators we maintain a successful cooperation for years, whereby you as a customer profit from special conditions and a fast order processing.

Our trained team works around the clock for you, optimizes communication and provides you with link alternatives in case of doubt.

Full-Service Linkbuilding Packages & Campaigns

You do not want to find and order every link on your own? You want an experienced SEO veteran to hand-select the perfect links for your project? Trustfactory has got you covered! Just contact our team at any time and we will arrange, plan and execute everything tailored to your needs.

Trustfactory makes the future of link building accessible to you…

The Software

Trustfactory makes the future of link building accessible to you…

  • To help your website break through on Google & Co..
  • To optimize the value of your websites at sales.
  • To make your link profile safer and more natural.
  • through transparent, cost-effective and sustainably scalable link construction
Trustfactory Linkcampaign

Case Study

Rentlessly effective:
Link campaigns like this will soon be available for everyone
inexpensive & uncomplicated to implement yourself

This site with good content remained at ~1500 users/week for months despite all efforts. A handful of strong, sensibly designed backlinks more than doubled the traffic.

We equip you with the right tools so that you can also achieve such results in your projects.

About us

Our young team has been active in online marketing since 2013 and successfully manages both customer projects and our own websites.

We know at first hand that a strong link profile is no less important today than it was back then. We were disturbed by the cumbersome and expensive acquisition of links – often not very professional and only mediated via Facebook & Co.

For this reason we decided to revolutionize the link building industry in Germany in 2018.

With Trustfactory.bz it is our endeavour to make the creation of high-quality backlinks as easy, transparent and inexpensive as possible for you.

The Trustfactory Team

Video introduction to the Trustfactory backend

After you have registered and defined your website including topic in the backend, Trustfactory.bz automatically suggests suitable link places.

You can now sort them according to metrics, mark them as favourites or order them right away.

Special wishes or questions? We are always at your disposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Trustfactory

Frequently Asked Questions

You choose via our platform the page(s) on which your guest article including link(s) should appear and send us your URL and if you wish the anchor text. Additionally you can give us a headline, special trust links for your guest article as well as a release date for your article publication.

Once we have received all the data, we will contact the site operator to confirm that your topic will be accepted. As soon as we receive a confirmation and can guarantee the placement, we produce the text and make sure that it is installed by the site operator – if the link is online, we inform you and send you the invoice.

We then produce a niche-relevant article with your link and send it to the site operator. As soon as the article is online, we will send you the live URL.

We disguise the website URLs for new users to protect our database from Google, Bing & Co. and also from people who want to copy our list.

We understand that many agencies require full transparency before ordering – that’s why we will disclose the full URLs to our regular customers to ensure that the site meets all the required qualifications before ordering.

Please email [email protected] for more information on this point.

This is currently 7 to 10 days. Since we pay in advance, there will be no delay due to the money transfer – this will only take place after the link is online.

Please note that there may be unforeseen delays from time to time, as we have no control over the source pages and depend on smooth cooperation with the operators.

Since we want to offer you the best possible service, we only work with prepayment. After approval of the order, we will send you an invoice, which must be paid within 14 days.

account allocation

Our guarantee

The account allocation is strictly bound to the size of our website portfolio. We do not flood our partners with links and keep our offer exclusive.

Register as early as possible, because as soon as an account becomes available - i.e. if the portfolio has grown accordingly - the following applies: If your application is at the top, the account belongs to you.