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Frequently Asked Questions


You choose via our platform the page(s) on which your guest article including link(s) should appear and send us your URL and if you wish the anchor text. Additionally, you can give us a headline, special trust links for your guest article as well as a release date for your article publication.

Once we have received all the data, we will contact the site operator to confirm that your topic will be accepted. As soon as we receive a confirmation and can guarantee the placement, we produce the text and make sure that it is installed by the site operator – if the link is online, we inform you and send you the invoice.

We then produce a niche-relevant article with your link and send it to the site operator. As soon as the article is online, we will send you the live URL.

We disguise the website URLs for new users to protect our database from Google, Bing & Co. and also from people who want to copy our list.

We understand that many agencies require full transparency before ordering – that’s why we will disclose the full URLs to our regular customers to ensure that the site meets all the required qualifications before ordering.

Please email [email protected] for more information on this point.

This is currently 7 to 10 days. Since we pay in advance, there will be no delay due to the money transfer – this will only take place after the link is online.

Please note that there may be unforeseen delays from time to time, as we have no control over the source pages and depend on smooth cooperation with the operators.

Since we want to offer you the best possible service, we only work with prepayment. After approval of the order, we will send you an invoice, which must be paid within 14 days.

Highest link quality

Our links should remain permanently and never be removed – this non-binding security is given to us by the site operators. Since they enjoy our trust but are not forced or able to guarantee an unlimited uptime, we take over this part as follows:

We currently offer a 365 day money back guarantee.

If for any reason your link is removed within one year, we will refund you the full purchase price or replace the link with an equivalent or higher priced link. If your link is removed after the first year, we will do our best to find a cheap or better free replacement for you.

Customer satisfaction is our highest goal.

No, of course all our links are placed in the content flow of the respective source page – e.g. in the blogroll, a category or on a static subpage – and fit in as seamlessly as possible. We can’t guarantee where the article will be placed, but we make sure that it won’t be inappropriately hidden and correctly indexed.

Yes, all websites on our platform offer do-follow links.We do not sell no-follow links, only do-follow.

No guest article will be marked as such or generally as sponsored. We always strive to make this look like “in-house” content in the best possible way.

Selected Link sources

No, with our portfolio we primarily provide the D/CH/AT room, but we also have source pages for other languages – mainly for English-speaking target groups.

Until we include them in for everyone, if you are interested in non-German links, simply send us an e-mail to [email protected] and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

No, on we only offer secure, sustainable links from real websites. Our outreach team rigorously evaluates each potential partner site to ensure that PBN links do not creep into our portfolio.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee in this respect.

Our links are as secure as possible. We create niche-relevant articles and good content, so that from Google & Co.’s point of view the site operator has published a regular article and decided to link to your website as a relevant resource.

We are currently working on making the gambling section directly accessible via Until then, the portfolio of high-quality websites that accept this topic will have to grow a little further, but work is being done on it at full speed.

As soon as the gambling portfolio meets our quality standards, we will notify you in the backend of our software.

We do not offer the adult sector.

Questions about Purchase process

Yes, we have a small team – which we can expand for you if required – that can design and implement larger link campaigns tailored to your specific needs. You have the full expertise of experienced outreach staff at your disposal and you get exactly what you want for your projects.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

We are happy to negotiate individual conditions with you in the course of larger orders.

Just contact [email protected] and we will provide you with an appropriate offer.

In any case! We offer very fair prices, whereby you as a reseller can easily realize a margin. In addition it is our endeavour to always keep the quality of source pages, guest articles and the like at a high level that also satisfies the requirements of your customers.

Newly this is not possible. We want to keep the quality on our platform very high and can only guarantee this if we contact and select the pages ourselves. This may be possible at a later date. But then only with a visible marking.